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"Romy" (M) 24"

"Romy" (M) 24"

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"Romy" Medium 24” Wig  

Rooted Blonde Lace Top Wig 

Tone: Warm/Neutral

Level: Neutral Level 5 Root, Neutral/Warm Level 9/10 Ends. (Level Scale- level 1 is darkest black; level 10 is lightest blonde) 

  • Genuine Swiss Transparent Ear-To-Ear Lace Top
  • Close Wefted Back
  • 24” Length with Layering
  • Medium Cap (21.5-22.5") Circumference
  • Average 130 Density 
  • Multidirectional Parting Area
  • High Grade Brazilian Textured Human Hair
  • Dries Straight, Styled Wavy
  • Hairline Knots Lightly Bleached 
  • Ear Tabs with Clips (interior cap photo not from actual unit)
  • Nape Comb for Reinforcement

*** Please note, actual colors may vary based on your screen setting and display capability. Please Review Color Descriptions Above. Color may appear lighter when taken in front of direct natural lighting. Our model Alli is standing in direct natural lighting ***

*** Wigs are cut on a mannequin. The shape and size of a person's head may cause the cut/layers to sit slightly different on each person *** 

*** Please keep in mind that your piece may or may not have slightly visible knots. Knots can only be bleached so much before the integrity of the knots are compromised reducing longevity. Some wigs will show darker knots than others, even after lightening them ***

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I secure the wig? Do I need glue?

You should not need glue to secure your STACKEDHair piece! The construction of our wigs allows for a secure fit with simply using the attached clips at your hairline or just wearing a wig grip. 

What is a “wig grip”? 

A wig grip is a velvet headband worn under your cap, secured around the circumference of your head using Velcro.  This thin layer of material creates an anti-slip grip between your head and your wig cap, allowing a secure and comfortable fit of your wig! It also doubles as a way to secure your bio hair underneath the cap; eliminating the need for a separate nylon cap under your wig. 

What do I do with the extra lace at the front of my hairline?

I often refer to this extra lace as your “NWT” or “Price tag” to symbolize that the hair piece is new and not worn.  After receiving your new hairpiece, this extra lace is removed before wearing by using SHARP scissors to cut about 1/8 inch away from the hairline. You can also use pinking shears, which creates a jagged line, so the eye is not drawn to the lace. Tips for cutting the lace can be found on our social media pages.

How long will my hair piece last?

The longevity of your piece is directly related to how well you care for your hair and how often it is worn. Typically, high quality hair pieces should last anywhere from 8 months – 2 years (or even longer!)

Can I change the color of my hair piece?

The simple answer is YES; All STACKEDHair pieces are made with 100% human hair.  They can be colored but it is not recommended unless done by a professional who is familiar with color processing wigs and toppers. General rule of thumb is to avoid “lifting” (lightening) and only “deposit” color with toners using low volume developers to prevent irreversible damage to the hair.

Can I change the part on my hair piece?

Of course!!! You are free to change the part anywhere on the cap that has silk or lace; this is typically anywhere on the top 3-5” portion past your hairline.  Visit our social media page for techniques to quickly and easily change the part on your STACKEDHair piece! 

What kind of hair do you use?

All STACKEDHair pieces are constructed using 100% quality human hair.  Most origins sourced for our caps are Brazilian, European or Mongolian hair.  The origin of hair is listed in each item description on our website.

Why human hair?

An important reminder is that generally, human hair wigs can last longer than synthetic wigs. With proper care, some human hair wigs may last over a year, while synthetic wigs may last up to six months.

What is the difference between a topper and a wig?

A wig is full coverage and will cover your entire head. A topper is partial coverage and is typically worn utilizing your biological hair at the nape and hairline. Think of a topper like a men’s “toupee”  (but more fabulous, of course!) Toppers should be about the same or similar color as your bio hair since it’s only partial coverage, and should be about the same length or just a few inches longer. A wig can be any color or length since it’s full coverage, and doesn’t need to blend with your bio hair.

What's an IWig? 

An IWig is a premium hair wig, with patented silk top and a translucent Swiss lace front. These provide the ultimate comfort for those with with and without hair. This cap is constructed to pull heat and sweat away from the scalp. The non slip material around the perimeter and the cushioned ear tabs also allow for added comfort. In addition that, no wig grip is needed with these. PU material in the front, and on the ear tabs adhere naturally to your head.

Can I put my wig in a ponytail?

Yes! Our caps are extremely versatile and allow for many different updo’s! The only limitation is that your hair must be tied back loose at the nape portion of your head to disguise the wefted edge in the back.

What is a return hair?

Return hairs are shorter strands of hair resulting from hand tied techniques used to knot the hair to the base of your cap.  These hairs are completely normal and are not the same as damaged “split” or “broken” ends.  These short hairs are easily concealed with light plucking, heat styling (blow dryer or hot comb/iron) or a simple hair spray or pomade to lay them down.

When hair gets sewed and knotted to secure it onto lace/hand tied caps, there are short ends that may stick out through the top of the cap along with the long hairs. This is normal, and you can tame these little hairs with a heated curling iron (by pressing the return hairs down against the cap). You can also use hair spray or pomade to keep them down.

Why doesn’t the  color/cut doesn’t look the same as it did in the photos? Why do the colors look different on Alli and/or the mannequin? 

This is normal. Variations in color due to lighting and the item being used to view products displays are normal. We do our best to make sure our pieces are photographed in the lighting that best reflects the color. We will do our best to take additional photos in alternate lighting if requested prior to purchase. If requested post purchase we can’t guarantee we will see the request before it ships so we ask that you please ask prior to purchase. We love to help! Returns due to a color discrepancy will be refunded less a 15% restock fee as all returns are; no exceptions!

My made-to-order item doesn’t look identical to the stock photographs. Why is that?

Although a very specific formula is used to attempt to make each of these the same, each piece is personally hand touched by our Owner/Founder Alli, thus making them all slightly unique by nature. 

I think my wig has a cut/color flaw, what do I do?

We try hard to catch any potential color flaws before posting them for sale, or sending them out for shipping.  When we find them we will always point them out in photos and label them accordingly, but when pieces are hand painted and knots bleached there is always a potential for flaws we do not catch. (Colors bleed, Gloves may leave a print, sometimes bleach will take better in some areas than others, bleach may bleed etc.) Please check your piece when you receive it for any flaws prior to cutting the lace. Once the lace has been cut we will not be able to accept a return. Cuts may not be the perfect length, layers may not be perfect, bleached knots may be imperfect and bangs may not fall perfectly on you since it’s not done in person but on a mannequin and the shape and size of a person's head may cause the cut to sit slightly different.

Size Guide

Many Clients are Between Sizes, Please Reach Out If you Need Help

Sizing may vary based upon one's head shape, how they prefer the wig to fit, wig grips, and how much hair they have to tuck into the cap. Due to the nature of being constructed by hand, these can also vary by as much as 1/4" and many clients can into into more than 1 size.  Please be sure to measure your head to avoid purchasing the incorrect size. Additional customizing may be needed to be "perfect," and we can help provide you resources on how to do so. Please reach out to us using the chat feature below. We want to help!




A good fit is necessary if you would like to comfortably wear your piece for an extended period of time. To accurately measure your head for a cap, use a cloth tape measure that has not been stretched.

Step 1: Circumference

Start the tape at your hairline at the center of your forehead. Run the tape around, behind the ears, passing your hairline at the nape of the neck, and back up to the middle of your forehead.


Step 2: Front to back

Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline, to the hairline at the nape of the neck. Measure until about an inch below the small bone at the bottom of the skull


Step 3: Side to side over top
Lay the end of the tape just above one ear. Pull the tape up and over the top of your head until it reaches the other ear.


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